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Why ultra-rich class family office investing in UK REIT

Ultra-rich class family office carries strong aim for wealth legacy, growth and transfer through central management. Britain Connect is the full power engine to make the process smooth and efficient.

Given BC well-versed consultancy foundations on tax trusts and family office governance, our service is having exclusive linkage our clients with high-standard and leading relevant expertise in the UK property industry.

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a specialist tax efficient investment vehicle built around real property assets and more specifically property rental activities.

REITs are quoted companies or groups of companies that own and manage property, whether that is commercial, industrial or residential, with the aim of generating steady rental income.

REITs will typically spread its investments over several properties which helps to ease the disconcerting highs and lows which may arise from investing in a single property, with the result that the investment risks involved can be reduced

BC also act as a single hub and point of contact for single and long form family offices, introducing and orchestrating wider advisory teams, specialists and intermediaries for investment in UK REIT.

Britain Connect

The Advantages of Investing in UK REITs

Tax Efficient

Britain Connect

Tax efficient form of property investment, currently is exempt from UK corporation tax.

Lower Transaction Costs

Britain Connect

Lowered transaction costs when compared to DIRECT purchase of property and sell out in future.

Access To High Value Assets


Access to high value asset classes including UK commercial property such as shopping centres and office space.

Reduced Barriers To Entry


REITS offer reduced financial barriers to entry, they provide access to investment vehicles for minimal entry outlay.

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