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UK Property ONE and
UK Letting ONE

Evaluation of the redevelopment potential for part or all of the investment.
Value enhancement through a review of planning opportunities and potential planning gain.
Enhancing investment values by improving tenant mix.

About UK Property One and UK Letting One

Specialty in one-stop solution provider high-capital growth UK investment property search with specialty via Auction Buy, Property Value Enhancement and full range letting management services.

We delivers an UK-centric and multi-jurisdictional service from our London base and has strong team of property expertise working across all property sectors covering commercial, development, infrastructure, residential property, we are capable to advise all our portfolio landlords on investment opportunities in all corners of the UK, especially on London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Our expertise is further supported by a research team that draws from data and trends to resolve the best decisions on both single and multi-let assets, as well as portfolios, developments and funding for all projects across residential and commercial property. Coupled with our market intelligence we have the capability to provide detailed due diligence for sales and acquisitions.

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Property ONE Platinum:
Buy at Auction house

We, working with our accredited UK partners and house specialist, deep-dive and treasure hunt over the property lists from UK’s leading auction houses round the year.

We also conduct site inspections and offer up-to-date market appraisals as well as providing unlocking hidden income forecast which is the most effective way for high capital growth in investment property opportunities.

For the first appraisal, arrangement of bridging finance and completion, our dedicated auction team provide first-class guidance and advice throughout the whole process, offering an unrivalled level of service to our portfolio landlords.

Property ONE Gold:
Property value enhancement

We believe that successful property asset management combines strategic thinking with specialist knowledge and experience with primary objective to identify, unlock and deliver hidden growth potential and returns from all types of property assets.

During the pre-acquisition and due diligence stages, we operate as part of an integrated real estate team working closely with house property investment experts and other professional advisors to ensure that those important value enhancing opportunities identified are delivered in a timely manner to improve real property asset values.

Our experienced property asset management specialists with strong capability in optimizing property asset values post acquisition, becoming an essential part of the real estate value enhancement process.

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8 professional steps on golden journey for property value enhancement

Evaluation of redevelopment potential for investment. Review of the wider location, adjacent sites and existing land owners.
Change of use
Value creation through a review of existing Planning use classes and potential change of use opportunities.
Planning Gain
Value enhancement through a review of planning opportunities and potential planning gain.
Optimising Rental Income
Optimizing rental income on all new leases and at rent reviews and lease renewals.
Building value through improvements in the quality and standards of all available space by refurbishment and renovation
Space Optimisation
Optimisation of existing lettable space through reconfiguration, rationalisation and utilisation of all usable space.
Tenant Mix
Enhancing investment values by improving tenant mix.
Lease Regearing
Evaluation of opportunities for value creation by re-gearing existing leases.